The one thing you need to add to your bedroom in the winter

Hello, and welcome to the new and improved AIBHS blog! In the next few months, I hope to post more sleep and health tips and to get my colleagues here at AIBHS to do the same. Since we’ve partnered with TD Wellness, you’ll see posts on sleep and other health-related topics.

One of the complaints I hear frequently from my patients is that their spouses snore. I, too, have a snoring bed partner, and I’ve noticed that it’s particularly bad in the winter. Although we live in the humid South, and this winter has been rainy thus far, running the heater during the cold months of the year dries the air out. Dry air means dry mucous membranes, which can mean worse snoring and worse sleep for both bed partners. Luckily the solution is simple – add humidity.

As for what kind of humidifier is best for you, like mattresses, that’s an individual preference thing. If you visit your local drug store or large mega-store, you’ll find humidifiers of all types, sizes, and noise levels. I’ve found that white noise helps me to pay less attention to the husband’s snoring, so I went with one that didn’t brag about how quiet it is. Between that and the extra moisture it puts in the air, both of us sleep much better during the winter. Now if only hotels would include humidifiers in their rooms…

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